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Case study - Epstryk

Epstryk is an online store operating in lighting industry. They cover entire Poland with the mail-order sale of a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting.

Their store is based on Redcart CMS, it doesn’t have access to FTP server. All the changes in the code are implemented in cooperation with their programmers. The CMS allows to edit basic elements of the SEO: meta titles, meta descriptions, content formatting, alternative descriptions, URLs.






Organic traffic


Increase in a year

Organic income


Increase in a year


Epstryk online store is a big website – it contains 27 thousand pages. It had never been optimized before, yet its traffic in December 2016 was on the average level. The site had around 10 thousand visits from organic searches, which constituted 29% of the total traffic.

Chart of traffic channels on, December 2016


The store has quite high traffic and sales, but there’s appetite for more.

Quick facts

  • Popular store, high in Alexa ranking
  • Based on Presta engine
  • Has a mobile version
  • Organic traffic ranks around 1900 visits per month
  • Large amount of inbound links
  • Highly competitive industry


Long Tail approach

We applied long tail optimization approach to increase organic traffic on our Client’s website. We wanted to focus on keywords that have the greatest potential for conversions, are less competitive, but respond to queries better. We did not focus on a narrow range of keywords, but instead we created a comprehensive list that was regularly growing with each month of the optimization process. We included more specific keywords, with lower volumes, that have the potential to generate sales – people looking for a specific product, in most cases already decided to buy. We also included general keywords on the list, that are more competitive, e.g. electric wholesale, in order to assure traffic from less specific keywords. We also included keywords we received from the Client.

Commencement of cooperation: SEO audit, keywords analysis

We began cooperation with Epstryk on November 23, 2016. In the first stage of cooperation (1st month) we analyzed SEO condition of their website, reviewed elements of the website from optimization perspective, analyzed current traffic and keywords that generate it.

During this stage we also completed full audit of the website, including detailed information on what can be improved and what is to be done to increase traffic and sales of the online store. We generated a set of recommendations, which we then started implementing on the website. Some of the recommendations were already processed during the audit stage.

We also created linking strategy to strengthen Domain and Authority ratios and increase search engines’ trust. We started quality link building based on diversified sources such as: business directories, forums, supporting articles, social media, bookmarking sites, profiles.

On-site Process

Once audit was complete, we discussed it with the Client and started implementation. We divided tasks between Delante and the Client. One of the elements that can significantly influence SEO is the website’s content. The Client knows their online store and the products they sell better than anyone so the process is easier when it is the Client who provides the content. We can, of course, commission such texts to be written by internal copywriters, however specialist texts require corrections and notes from a person involved in a given industry on a daily basis.

Problem no.1. URLs were long and incorrectly created

How to change URLs without FTP access?

Products and categories on Epstryk website had too long, incorrect URLs with improper separators and redundant directories. Google bots couldn’t index the URLs and as a result they didn’t appear in search results at all.

CMS Redcart can change URLs, but the there are two ways this can happen.

  • If the address has never been changed before, it is enough to change it in a dashboard of a given category or product, redirect 301 launches automatically and old URLs will redirect automatically to the new ones.
  • But what if URLs have been changed before and are still incorrect? This is a more complicated situation. You have to request Redcart to create redirections. And what if you don’t need a redirection for one, but for 200 URLs? You have to create a spreadsheet with all the old URLs and what you want them to be exchanged with.


Shorter URLs with enhanced indexability

Examples of URLs before and after:


Problem no.2. Homepage was not optimized

What can be done to improve ranking in the search engines?

Meta title and meta description of Epstryk’s homepage required optimization:

We changed them to:

There were no basic structural elements on the homepage like H1 and H2 headlines.

We introduced them:

Additionally, we introduced a text prepared by Epstryk (app. 220 words), we optimized it, formatted it and added internal links to product categories.

Logo Alt tag:
alt="Sklep online -"

was changed to:
alt="Sklep elektryczny online -"


Improved ranking of general keywords like electric wholesaler, electric store.


Problem no.3. Categories’ pages were not optimized

What can be done to increase traffic on the website?

When we started our cooperation with Epstryk, they had 19 categories and each of them was divided further into several sub-categories.

For the prioritized categories that generate the greatest traffic we introduced on-site changes such as optimization of pages for keywords searched by the users. This included changes of meta titles, descriptions, headlines, content, formatting, linking, alt tags, URLs.

Example of an optimized category

  • URL modification
  • Meta title modification
  • Meta description modification
  • Addition of content
  • Content optimization
  • Addition of content formatting
  • Addition of internal linking


Problem no.4. Errors on product pages

What can be done to optimize them?

Epstryk online store has a wide range of products in permanent offer, which is constantly expanding. For the most frequently searched products and for those generating highest sales, we prepared optimization including modification of meta titles, descriptions, formatting, alt tags, linking and URLs.

Example of optimized product:

  • Meta title modification
  • Meta description modification
  • Extension of current description
  • Description optimization
  • Description formatting
  • Addition of H2 headline
  • Addition of alternative descriptions to pictures

Off-site process

Except for activities directly on the Clients’ websites, we are also performing activities externally. These include creating valuable links to the website.

Strengthening website’s and domain’s authority in the eyes of Google is one of the key elements, that can decide whether a specific website will get high rankings and traffic, or not. These are Page and Domain Authority ratios and MOZ Trust and MOZ Rank ratios.

Below you can see Epstryk’s results before Delante’s activities:

And here are the results after some time into our work:

Here’s the amount of links pointing at Epstryk’s website before cooperation with Delante:

And here is the situation after several months of our work:


Organic traffic growth epstryk

Traffic and sales effects

  • Organic traffic increase by 118%
  • Sales increase by 71%

Epstryk organic traffic comparison

SEO Specialist’s Comment

Working with companies that really know their product, clearly define their main focus areas and goals is a simple pleasure. If this combines with really efficient communication between client and SEO company, we can expect great things to happen! This is why, despite a highly competitive industry, together we managed to achieve such good results that increase with each month. Increasing Epstryk’s positions in Google search results and constant growth of their visibility is something that makes me invariably happy for a couple of years now 🙂

Gosia Tarnawska Delante
Gosia Tarnawska
SEO Team Leader
Client’s Comment

Thanks to Delante I can see increases in both traffic and online sales of my online store. The optimization works are being carried out really reliably. Also, there’s a significant growth in links leading to my site since we started our cooperation.

Marcin Skoczylas E-pstryk
Marcin Skoczylas
Director of Electronic Service Department, E-pstryk

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