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Orient Display

Case study - Orient Display

Orient Display is one of the world’s leading touch panel and LCD displays manufacturers. Operating on the worldwide market the client wanted to become more visible in the European customers’ awareness.

See how with a global SEO strategy we increased the company’s visibility on the European market and boosted traffic on the website.


LCD panels





500k +

views in Google

Organic Traffic


increase in 7 months


Our cooperation with Orient Display started in May 2021. While the company had a history of incorporating SEO activities into business strategy, it looked for new ways to improve the brand’s reach on European markets.

The SEO process for this client turned out to be quite demanding, as we were looking for some new solutions to boost the website’s performance. Based on WordPress, the CMS well-known by our specialists, the website required some technical improvements that would allow the global strategy to improve the company’s SEO also on European markets.

A big part of the cooperation with Orient Display was connected to the conversion boost for their website. Through UX analysis and suggestions we came up with solutions that were to increase the client’s website conversion rate.

At the moment we took over the Orient Display site and started optimizations, the website was generating about 3350 visits from organic traffic and didn’t perform well among the European audience. With a well-composed international SEO process and individual solutions, we helped with that!

Quick facts for starters:

  • WordPress CMS
  • SEO process aimed at a global market that helped with European markets as well
  • Implementation of unconventional solutions
  • Competitive market and industry
  • The majority of the traffic was located on the site’s knowledge base instead of the store

At this point, we can surely say that we’re satisfied with their services. They approached the project professionally by conducting an SEO report that set the direction for the whole strategy. The process is well-structured, the work is delivered on time, and with monthly reports, we can both keep track of their activity on the website and see the results. What’s worth mentioning is that there’s an SEO specialist dedicated to the project - that makes the whole communication easy and direct. After just 5 months we see a stable increase in organic traffic. Really effective cooperation and a partner worth recommending.

Orient Display Marketing Team

On-site process

The start of cooperation wasn’t much different from how we usually start a new project – analysis. We started by running a thorough SEO Audit which later on became a base for the whole SEO strategy and action plan.

Despite the company’s nice results on the global market and its previous SEO work, we still had our hands full of work. And the one we like the most – creative, not obvious solutions that would help our client perform even better. Here are a few of the main challenges we faced during the cooperation with Orient Display.

Problem 1. The website was not optimized for the European market

The store’s structure needed to be adjusted to European countries’ audiences. If we wanted to improve visibility on those markets while working with a global SEO strategy, we needed to make a multilanguage website as user-friendly as possible.

First, we suggested implementing language versions based on separate catalogs and translating them via a plugin. With the solution, content would be automatically transferred to the site’s version matched to users’ origin. The solution we recommended, although not quite conventional proved to be successful – resulted in the increased traffic from European countries (check the results section).

The website required a few technical changes as well. We merged the company’s blog (previously created as a separate WordPress-based site) to the main website’s structure. This allowed us to use Schema and blog scripts. As a part of the process we:

  • Transferred blog articles to the main CMS
  • Transferred all URLs to the main domain
  • Set correct redirects
  • Created correct internal linking for blog content
  • Implemented related posts feature

seo case study - ux solutions

  • Implemented pagination on the blog page

seo case study - ux solutions on the website

Problem 2. Not enough content on the website

Another element that was limiting the efficiency of our client’s website was the lack of content. There was simply not enough of it to drive the visibility for the most relevant keywords.

The solution to this problem was multi-layered. After discussing the most relevant keywords with the clients we started creating content for the company’s main page.

content creation seo case study

The creation of the blog content remained on the client’s side. Each month we’re preparing a detailed Content Plan that’s consistent with the whole SEO strategy. The plan includes blogpost topics and editorial guidelines such as keywords to use in content.

In addition, we implemented some technical changes to the website’s content structure. We divided the category and subcategory content into two modules and implemented drop-down text. The text was composed of the part immediately visible for Google crawlers.

drop down text for seo orient display case study

Problem 3. Traffic generated by the knowledge base that didn’t translate into store’s traffic

Another problem was that the majority of traffic was generated by the knowledge base. Although the traffic itself was on a good level, users visiting Orient Display’s knowledge base wouldn’t go to the store – the traffic didn’t translate into conversion rates.

To fix the issue we recommended creating a sticky button with a “contact our experts” call to action.

conversion buttons seo case study

Another solution was implementing a contact form under the knowledge base entries. Each form was implemented manually and dedicated to the knowledge base page.

contact forms conversion optimization case study

Problem 4. The website was not optimized for conversion

A lack of conversion optimization wasn’t only visible on the knowledge base – the website itself also wasn’t properly supporting the company’s conversion rates.

We added CTA buttons on blog entries and implemented dedicated contact forms on the blog pages.

conversion optimization cta buttons

Problem 5. SEO elements required optimizations for keywords

A great part of the SEO strategy included optimizing the base SEO elements to improve the site’s performance.

There were cases of title tag duplication and incorrect length of the titles on the clients’ website.

seo case study - title and meta description

We optimized the elements for the right structure and relevant keywords:

improved meta titles seo case study

We fixed meta descriptions – some were missing, some required improvements and keyword optimization. In this case, we also needed to deal with meta description duplication.
incorrect meta descriptions - seo case study

Our team fixed the incorrect headings structure and rebuilt it (due to the increased number of content available on the website). The key improvement was optimizing H1s and other headings for relevant keywords as none of the headers contained them.


seo case study headings before optimizationAfter:

optimized heading structure seo case study

Other optimized elements included:

  • Blog headers structure optimization
  • Changes in the website’s footer
  • Fixing incorrect alt descriptions
  • Implementing correct use of HTML emphasis tags
  • Optimizing text elements on the site.

Problem 6. No redirects between HTTP and HTTPS protocols on product pages

Orient Display’s product pages didn’t include any redirects from HTTP versions to HTTPS. The issue has been resolved and correct redirects were implemented.

Problem 7. Slow page loading speed

The site showed problems with loading time. Page speed is going to be improved, mainly via proper image optimization. The process is now in progress.

Plans for the future:

There’s plenty to work with in the case of the Orient Display website. In the nearest future, we’re going to optimize product pages for better SEO and conversion performance, further conversion improvements on the knowledge base and blog pages, implement a conversion tracker on the client’s shop, and create new Google Analytics goals for tracking the performance of implemented conversion solutions.

SEO Specialist’s Comment

The process of positioning the Orient Display website was an interesting challenge from the beginning. It is related to the specificity of the industry, where expert knowledge is required and the website has to be presented not only as a store but also as an expert in the industry. This poses many barriers to generating conversions from such a website, as the approach has to be twofold: for B2C clients (the store) as well as B2B, where the activities are carried out mainly through valuable content. The cooperation directly with the Orient Display team and mutual support in the introduced changes, as well as taking a common course of action, have all contributed to this success. Currently, we have built our visibility not only in the U.S., but also in the European markets, which was desired by the client, and we are working on improving the conversion rate both for B2C and B2B.

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

Off-site process

Alongside on-site SEO efforts, our team was also managing the link-building process for the client’s website. After we conducted keyword research and together with the client chose the most relevant ones we started creating backlinks. All links are being created manually, adhering to our quality standards. In this process, we use both – diversifying links and sponsored publications.

Link profile before the cooperation:

link building case study link profile before

Link profile about 6 months after the start of cooperation:

link profile after cooperation

We maintain a stable growth of referring domains which is crucial for increasing website parameters as it’s more effective than the number of links itself. In addition, every link is being checked for quality, indexability, and relevance.

seo case study link map
location of the linking domains


  • Website visibility on the global market – beginning of cooperation vs. after 5 months

seo case study results of the process

visibility results seo case study

137%  increase in the number of impressions and 190% increase in the number of clicks in search results.

  • Number of keywords visible in Google Search – the first month of cooperation (June ‘21) vs after 6 months (November ‘21)

number of keywords after seo process case study

  • An increase in the year to year ratio of website traffic

The first month of cooperation (June):

website traffic first month of cooperation

5th month of cooperation (October):

website traffic after 5 months of cooperation

  • Increase in website’s visibility and traffic on European (and Japanese) markets after the start of cooperation

Although the SEO strategy prepared for Orient Display was oriented toward the global market, it successfully impacted the site’s performance in particular markets. Here are some examples of website performance in European countries and Japan.


  • Website visibility

visibility on german market

  • Impact on traffic

impact on traffic for german market


  • Website visibility

visibility on polish market

  • Impact on traffic

impact on traffic polish market

  • Website visibility

visibility on french market

  • Impact on traffic

impact on traffic france


  • Website visibility

visibility in japan seo case study

  • Impact on traffic

increase in traffic japan market


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