CSS Delante Shopping Platform

Product ads on Delante Marketing Platform provide a minimum of 20% lower CPC.

Product ads with Delante

At the end of 2019, we launched a groundbreaking solution for product ads at Delante – CSS Delante Shopping Platform. Delante Shopping Platform is a competition for Google Shopping, but it works the same way: product ads are displayed on Google. What is the difference, then? First of all, the price per click, which comes down to increased revenue from Product Listing Adverts (PLA). Check below how it works!

Reach your clients with Google Ads

What are Google Ads? It’s a Google advertising system that allows displaying text ads in a search engine, image ads, product ads, and video ads. Using Google Ads is free of charge, and billing for ads is, most often, in the PPC model (Pay Per Click). The right ad set-up, ad customization, or display optimization require not only knowledge but also considerable experience.

One type of Google Ads – PLA (also known as product listing ads) – is focused on the e-commerce industry and helps increase conversions.

About PLA Ads

PLA (Product Listing Ads) ads, also known as product ads, are one of the most effective adverts created for increasing sales in the store. They are displayed directly in Google search engine, in the form of a product list.

PLA search results
Example of a PLA ad in Google search engine for “baseball cap buff” query

Product ads are displayed in a search engine only if a particular advertiser uses a price comparison system (CSS). Until recently, this option was only provided by Google through Google Shopping.

In their search engine, Google favored offers that were coming from Google Shopping. For that, the European Commission punished Google with a record-breaking penalty of EUR 2.4 billion in 2017. After this incident, Google decided to allow other comparison websites to access its system and introduced attractive rates to encourage external advertisers to take advantage of this opportunity.

How does CSS Delante Shopping Platform work?

CSS Delante (Comparison Shopping Services) is a price comparison system that works under the same conditions as Google Shopping. These 2 systems are, actually, competitive.

The ads are displayed in the same way, the only difference is the note “Via/From: Delante”. Clicking through the advert takes the user to a particular product page.

CSS in search

The campaign is managed through the Google Ads panel. It works the same as when using Google Shopping – all auctions set bids.

Why is it worth using CSS Delante Shopping Platform?

Google, providing access to the use of CSS other than Google Shopping, gave their owners away some margin for clicking on the ad. To be precise here: they gave 20%.

We decided that we are not going to charge this margin, but we will give it back to our customers. Additionally, the results achieved via CSS are much better than those results achieved through Google Shopping. This means that the guaranteed effect of using the CSS Delante shopping platform by our customers delivers even 20%-50% lower cost per click compared to the competition displaying their ads on the same phrases

To compare the results of implementing CSS and Google Shopping, we have run two campaigns simultaneously for several of our clients, with comparable budgets.

Below, you’ll find some interesting findings.

1. Furniture industry

Campaign Total cost of the campaign CTR Average CPC Conversions Conversion cost
Google Shopping 471,41 € 1,76% 0,067 € 12 39,28 €
CSS Delante 277,16 € 2,72% 0,045 € 9 30,79 €

2. Automotive industry

Campaign Total cost of the campaign CTR Average CPC Conversions Conversion cost
Google Shopping 438,41 € 2,23% 0,024 € 35,46 12,36 €
CSS Delante 403,76 € 3,69% 0,013 € 104,66 3,86 €

3. Zoological industry

Campaign Total cost of the campaign CTR Average CPC Conversions Conversion cost
Google Shopping 286,44 € 2,08% 0,065 € 92,19 3,11 €
CSS Delante 319,51 € 1,49% 0,04 € 182,29 1,75 €