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SEO Audit

Got concerns about your SEO process? Don’t see the results? SEO Audit will allow you to verify the source of problems and find the right solutions!

SEO audit


Regardless of your SEO activity status, SEO Audit will help you find out what your website needs. Nevermind if you don’t do SEO yet or proceed with an already implemented strategy, the audit document will always provide you with precious information.

Delante’s SEO Audit will give you a detailed analysis of all the elements on your site. With that, we’re able to detect any errors that limit your site’s potential, assess implemented optimizations and its strengths as well. Good SEO audit approaches a website from different angles giving you a full picture of what can be done to improve its performance.


Every kind of website you have can benefit from an SEO audit. We can review websites functioning for years now but also mock-ups yet to be launched. In each case, it allows you to evaluate the website’s search engine –friendliness and adjust it.

So, if you:

  • have concerns about your website,
  • plan implementing changes on your website,
  • struggle to see the effects of your current SEO strategy,
  • want to see what can you do for improving your site,
  • think about investing in SEO strategy for your website,

our SEO audit is a perfect option for you. Thorough analytics paired with our Specialists’ recommendations and commentary will definitely help you with the decision-making process regard your domain!


SEO Audit is the base for all SEO activities we do in Delante. That’s why we pay special attention to its preparation. For 6 years, we mastered the precise evaluation of clients’ websites that allow us to verify their condition. Here’s what you’ll find in Delante’s SEO Audit:


We’ll check the most important parameters of your site, including:

  • popularity,
  • page size,
  • page speed,
  • domain age & history,
  • site trust index,
  • number of internal/external links,
  • mobile test,
  • duplication.

We’ll see into and analyze factors like:

  • titles and meta descriptions,
  • internal links and their construction,
  • photos (descriptions, weight, etc.),
  • content formatting,
  • headings ,
  • main page & subpages content,
  • internal/external duplication,
  • server errors with causes.

We’ll provide you with thorough

  • analysis of the page visibility (via proven tools),
  • keywords you’re being displayed for,
  • current keywords positions.


We’ll check how your main competitors are doing.

You will learn:

  • competitors’ keywords positions,
  • competitors’ linking profile,
  • sources of your competitors’ links,
  • possible SEO approach of your competitors.

All that in comparison to your websites’ performance.

In the off-site part, the analysis covers:

  • quality & quantity of backlinks analysis,
  • anchor texts analysis,
  • links harmfulness and spam score analysis,
  • link diversification plan.

We’ll evaluate:

  • the quality of your social media presence,
  • its impacts on your site’s online visibility.