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In Delante, we love to share our knowledge. We are organizing SEO/SEM training, sharing educational entries on our blog, creating an SEO/SEM Glossary – now, we decided to enrich this SEO educational package with Premium Reports.

Premium Reports. What are they?

Premium Reports are extensive content, reports, and all juicy analysis created for you by our Specialists. These are materials to which we devoted tons of time, work, and commitment – all so you could dive into as much SEO industry merits. If that’s what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

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The Most Common  Link Building Mistakes in 2021


The Most Common
Link Building Mistakes in 2021

What are the most often mistakes in the link building process? How to fix the errors? We analyzed 50 selected websites that reached out to use during the last 3 months and prepared a comprehensive guide on the most common link building mistakes in 2021. In this report, you’ll find helpful link building tips, all the mistakes explained in detail & industry experts’ advice.

The Most Common  Link Building Mistakes in 2021


The Most Notorious SEO
E-commerce Websites Mistakes

What SEO mistakes are most commonly present on e-commerce websites? We analyzed 100 E-commerce SEO audits of our clients within the last year and asked SEO experts to share their experiences and knowledge in that matter. But that’s not all you will find in this report! Apart from learning what are the most notorious mistakes on e-commerce websites, you will also learn how to fix them and other useful resources.


The Most Notorious SEOE-commerce Websites Mistakes