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Case study - is a company operating in the German market. They provide diagnostic services, repair, and installation of electronics and software in vehicles.

See how we’ve increased their monthly organic traffic by 135% in just 18 months!






Monthly organic traffic


Increase in February 2019 (vs February 2018)

Yearly organic traffic


Growth in 2019 (vs. 2018)


Our cooperation started on the 1st of September, 2018. The site was built on a dedicated CMS and didn’t generate much organic traffic.

Quick facts:

  • German market
  • Low organic traffic
  • Lack of content and blog on the site

On-Site SEO

Problem 1: Dedicated CMS

Dedicated CMS usually is a challenge for SEO optimization. The best-known CMSs have many modules that enable e.g. title or meta description changes. When working on a dedicated CMS, there is usually a lack of such modules. There was no meta data functionality at all. At the beginning of cooperation, we’ve implemented most of the technical SEO changes globally via FTP.

Using FTP, we have introduced:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Schema markups
  • Subpage titles
  • Automatic internal linking

Problem 2: No H1 headers on the service subpages

The subpages of services did not have any first-level headings (H1), or they were imposed on the wrong element. We have marked particular H1 elements via FTP.

Example of change: before the H1 marking was applied to the wrong element:

Hearing before seo optimization - endera

It should be applied to the service name:
H1 optimization - endera

After marking H1 via FTP, the structure of the headings on the subpage looks as follows:

headers optimization - endera

Problem 3. Lack of breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are elements of website navigation that not only help improve UX for users, but also support internal linking and help Google robots navigate the page.

We’ve added breadcrumbs on the page and used Schema markups, so they now also appear in search results and SERP results look more attractive.


breadcrumbs endera

Breadcrumblist - endera

breadcrumbs in serp results - endera

Problem 4: No sitemap

Dedicated CMSs usually do not have a module to generate and (constant) refresh a sitemap. We generated the sitemap using an external tool, and we refresh it manually on a regular basis.

Problem 5. Lack of marked structural data

Although Endera does not offer any products for purchase on its website, the service on the website has product features – a specific price, photo and description. That is why we decided to implement structural data type:product.

We added it using FTP.

structural data - endera

Problem 6. Errors in internal linking

Internal linking is an important element of each website’s SEO strategy. Well maintained, with the right anchors, and leading to well-selected subpages, is able to influence the position in Google for these subpages.

In Endera’s case, there was a common internal linking error on the home page. The link was applied only to the anchor “MEHR” (en: more). We put the link on the category name, we also put rel=”nofollow” attribute in the link on the word “MEHR”.

internal linking - endera

There was another error on the service subpages – the link was applied to the entire block, without any anchor. The image on which the anchor was put, was not described with any alt attribute. In FTP, we’ve changed the global settings so that the alternative description is now automatically downloaded from the service name. We’ve also added an anchor.

internal linking optimization

Problem 7. The services did not have dedicated subpages

Endera offers services for various car brands. Services for individual brands did not have subpages. We decided to create them and add texts on the most important subpages.

services subpages for seo optimization

Example of a subpage:

service description seo

We have globally set to add the H1 heading (brand name + service), and to add title and meta description (the end of the title and description is added automatically). Now, we are optimizing them manually, because a module for changes has been added to the CMS.

subpages optimization - endera

title and meta description optimization

Off-site SEO

From the beginning of the collaboration, we’ve been rebuilding a link profile to the Endera site, manually adding valuable links from strong sites. We also worked on a cloud of anchors, which at the very start had not been well built.

Links before starting cooperation:

linking profile before cooperation

Link profile after 1.5 years of cooperation:

linking profile after 1,5 years of cooperation with Delante

Anchor profile before cooperation:

anchor cloud before seo process

Anchor profile after 1.5 years of cooperation:

anchor cloud after seo process


  • Increased website visibility at visibility
  • Organic traffic increase:wzrost ruchu organicznego endera
  • Comparison of organic traffic: February 2020 vs February 2019 – 135% increaseEndera organic growth comparison
  • Comparison of organic traffic 2018 vs 2019 – 118% increaseEndera organic growth year to year
  • Increase in relevant keywords position:wzrost istotnych dla danej witryny pozycji fraz kluczowych - endera
Expert comment

SEO process for Endera’s website on the German market is not the easiest task. What’s to maintain is a dedicated CMS with limited content editing options. Many changes on the site were conducted via FTP, and with the help of Delante developers. Thanks to the technical solutions we used and combined with the regular wide positioning process, we have achieved very good results in a competitive industry.

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

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