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Case study - Equip is a shop with travel equipment. They sell products via the Internet and in a brick-and-mortar store in Warsaw. In their offer, you can find suitcases, bags (travel bags, casual bags, laptop bags, etc.), backpacks as well as travel and camping equipment.

The shop was established in the year 2005, initially on a different domain. From November 2011, it is available on the domain and since then it has been continually growing.

See for yourself how in 13 months, the organic income has grown by 79%.


Travel equipment




Organic income


Increase in July 2019 compared to July 2018

Organic traffic


Increase in July 2019 compared to July 2018


We started collaborating with Equip on the 1st of June 2018. Back then, the majority of traffic was coming from paid search. The number of entries from this source in May 2018 was 18089, while the organic reach was 15533.

The shop is based on IAI CMS that relatively wells answers SEO activities and offers a lot of opportunities for optimization. The number of indexed subpages was 11,3k at the very start of our collaboration.

Quick facts:

  • Very competitive industry
  • Big shop (on the start of collaboration 11,3k indexed subpages, now it is 14,9k)
  • The majority of traffic came from Paid Search source
  • Domain with some history (from November 2011)
  • Seasonal sector/shopping (the highest traffic is noticed between July and September)


For such a big shop with so many products, the best approach to apply is a broad, long-tail SEO. It consists of the usage of many keywords that suit a homepage, categories and products. Thanks to this approach, we can increase the visibility of the whole domain, not only particular subpages.

At the beginning of the collaboration, based on historical data and analysis, we’ve chosen around 80 phrases for monitoring. After 13 months of cooperation, we already monitor 656 phrases.

On- site process

In the very start, we conducted a website audit to identify bottlenecks that needed to be optimized and the challenges we had to face. Even while preparing the audit, we were implementing the first technical optimization activities.

During the on-site process, we manage a couple of activities in the area of technical SEO and content marketing.

#1 Problem: Not enough content on the page

What was the very first problem we encountered? Just a few content pieces on the website. A lot of product descriptions were old; some of them were duplicated. We expanded and optimized the block of content on the main page. Additionally, every month, we add new descriptions of categories and brands, so the amount of content is nothing but growing.

Examples and effects:

  • we added text and optimized a subpage of the Skross brandSEO for equip - effects
  • we added text and optimized a subpage of the Sea to Summit brandseo effects for equip
  • we added text and optimized a subpage of the Hedgren brandSeo effects for one subpage

We also prepared a couple of rules and requirements as for writing new product descriptions for the Client. Thanks to this practice, all new products that our Client adds, have the right and optimized descriptions.

#2 Problem: Titles and meta descriptions

A lot of titles and meta descriptions were too short or duplicated. They were not optimized for a specific set of keywords. Along with optimizing particular subpages, we also change their titles and meta descriptions.

The example of the optimized category:

SEO effects

#3: Main Page

The Main Page also required some optimization that we implemented in the first place, at the beginning of the collaboration.

  • The title and meta description were not optimized. The title should include the most relevant keywords at the very beginning, and then the name of the shop should be included. The meta description was too short and not optimized for selected keywords.

Main page title before optimization

Main page title after optimization

  • However, there was some content on the main page already, which is a plus! It was not optimized and a bit too short, though. We extended this piece of content and formatted it by adding headlines, bolding keywords and linking to the most critical categories in the shop.

Main page content before optimization:main page content before optimization

Main page content after optimization:

main page content after optimization

  • The logo’s image alt did not include keywords. We changed the alternative description to Suitcases, backpacks, bags and travel equipment – shop.

Logo’s image alt before optimization

Logo alt before optimization

Logo’s image alt after optimization

Logo alt after optimization


The effect:

Phrases adjusted to the main page, after a few rounds of optimization, started being positioned higher and still occupy high positions in search results:

Main page keywords for equip

#5 A lot of 404 errors

404 errors

At the very beginning of the collaboration, Search Console alarmed us of many 404 (Page Not Found) errors. A lot of them were caused by deleting unavailable products and linking to them within the shop.

We put working links in brands’ descriptions and categories’ descriptions.

We also advised to keep unavailable products on the site so they would still be visible, with an alert of a temporary lack of availability, or to create an archive of such products.

The effect:

404 errors after SEO process

New layout of the shop

In May 2019, a new shop mask on IAI was implemented. What has changed? The general overview of the page appearance, URL addresses and many other factors.

We also created a blog called Equipedia to extend content marketing activities and positively affect Topical Authority.

Before the implementation of a new version of the shop, we advised the Client in terms of SEO and UX. We got access to dev version so that we could suggest quite a few changes before the implementation of the new mask. This change, like every significant change in the shop online, also impacted the position of key phrases. Since we had been collaborating before the change was applied, we could decrease its harmful effects.

Off-site process

From the very beginning, we have been building high-quality links on trusted external sites and therefore impact visibility. The number of do-follow links and the domain authority have increased.

Data from MOZ:


MOZ data - equip before SEO process


MOZ data - equip


Since the industry is seasonal, we are going to compare effects for one month in a high season – July – before and during collaboration.

  • 102% increase in Google views comparing July 2018 to July 2019Search console Equip
  • 51% increase in organic traffic comparing July 2018 to July 2019Case study SEO - organic traffic growth
  • 78% increase in revenue from organic traffic comparing July 2018 to July 2019Equip - growth in conversions
  • Now, more traffic comes from organic search, not paid search.Top channels equip


SEO Specialist’s Comment

Cooperation with Equip is a pure pleasure – the engaged client who wants to understand the whole process and be a part of it. We stay in a constant communication and we’re working together since the June 2018th! What is extremely important, Equip is aware of the seasonality of their industry. That’s why they, in advance, give us information on what products we should focus at that time. Together we search for solutions to ensure constant growth of the shop and that’s awesome! 🙂

Asia Nicpoń Delante
Asia Nicpoń
SEO Specialist

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