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Case study - ZKlockó

Z Klocków is a Polish price comparison site that offers LEGO bricks and operates on the basis of an affiliate network (thus, it’s not an online store).

Efficient communication with the client and noteworthy engagement, especially when it comes to technical aspects (development of the client’s system) translates into the possibility of achieving the intended results much quicker, even in such a competitive industry.


LEGO Bricks






more phrases in TOP50

Organic Traffic


increase since the start of cooperation


Our cooperation started in April 2019. The website owner built the page from scratch with the use of a custom system. Every technical modification implemented on the site has been consulted with our specialists.

Throughout the SEO process, we remain in close contact with the website owner.

At the beginning, we struggled with technical issues that inspired brave decisions such as indexing the entire website out which has been thoroughly described in this case study.

Quick facts:

  • Custom CMS
  • Competitive industry
  • Industry seasonality
  • High customer involvement in the process
  • 2x extra content budget
  • Efficient communication between the SEO specialist and the client

On-site Process

Problem 1: Inappropriate product names

The names of LEGO sets started with the set number, therefore, they had the “number+LEGO” structure. We recommended changing the names to “LEGO+number”, as this solution is definitely more intuitive for users. This was our first piece of advice in April 2019.

Consequently, product names, titles, H1 headers and URLs were modified. Although we had created redirects from old URLs, Google didn’t reindex the page properly and both versions were displayed on Google which led to content duplication.

seo case study

Problem 2: Duplicate content resulting from incorrect page reindexing

The abovementioned modification caused some confusion. 15 thousand subpages suddenly changed into over 30 thousand which led to drastic visibility decrease.

Case study SEO - duplicated page

We decided to take the risk and clear the index out to get rid of duplicate content and optimize the crawl budget. On May 1, we manually removed the entire page from the index and indexed it back.

Case Study SEO - page out of index

Case study SEO - page out of Google index

After removing the website from the index, its visibility and keyword positions dropped significantly. Once we reindexed the page, the phrases reached positions 40-45 and then return to their original rankings.

Exemplary phrase: LEGO bricks catalog

Wyindeksowanie strony - powrót fraz na miejsce

Decreased visibility after the page was removed from the index:

decrease in page visibility after page deindexing


In order to accelerate proper indexing, we’ve developed 3 sitemaps:

  • sitemap_category.xml
  • sitemap_images.xml
  • sitemap.xml

And the HTML version of the sitemap:

Currently, 6710 subpages of the website are indexed.

index profile of the website

Problem 3: Incorrect internal linking

When analyzing internal linking, it turned out that the lack of the word “LEGO” in the anchors was the main issue:

Case study z klocków - anchors in menu

Case study SEO - anchors

Case study SEO - internal linking

  • We’ve added the word “LEGO” to the anchors on the site:

Case study SEO - internal links

  • The client created a side menu on the left side of the category subpages:

internal linking- side menu

  • The breadcrumb navigation structure has been changed to include keywords.
  • Tags (subcategories) were changed to include keywords.
  • We’ve added modules devoted to cross-selling and popular products:

Z klocków case study - cross sellind module

Problem 4: Unoptimized product subpages

High external duplicate content was our first challenge. LEGO shares product descriptions that are used by most stores and comparison sites like Ceneo. These descriptions were also published on our client’s website. We regularly alter product descriptions to make them more unique.

We’ve also implemented global H2 header settings to ensure that headers contain keywords.

Headers before the modification:

Case Study SEO - Headers before the changes

Headers after the modification:

Case study SEO headers optimization

Problem 5: No structured data

It’s worth implementing structured data to make Google search results more appealing.

We have implemented structured data on product pages:

Case study SEO - structural data

We’ve also complemented product subpages with a pricing table that is displayed in the search results:

case study SEO - price table in search results

Problem 6: Incorrect optimization of category subpages

Category subpages weren’t optimized SEO-wise and consequently, website visibility for general keywords was rather low.

After modifying the internal linking, categories started showing up in the search results:

 case study seo - category phrases

In October 2019 we started introducing descriptions of category subpages which helped to significantly improve their positions:

Case study SEO - category subpages

LEGO launches new collections and editions every year, thus, the index was full of unnecessary subpages with products from previous seasons. Users typically search for the newest LEGO sets available, so we added canonical links for older categories. This allowed us to minimize keyword cannibalization and optimize the rawl budget.

Case study SEO - canonical

This year, the client decided to introduce the “LEGO 2021” tab. In 2020, LEGO launched a set for adults. Our client responded very quickly and suggested creating a new category. We efficiently implemented these modifications and right now the phrase lego for adults is in the second position when it comes to its click-through-rate, just behind branded phrases:

Lego for Adults - keyword

Problem 7: No company blog

In October 2020 we advised our client to enrich the website with a blog. It was created manually by the client, however, all the elements were consulted with our specialists:

  • Schema article.
  • Internal linking to products related to blog posts – via client script:Case study - linking script on a blogblog internal linking SEO case study
  • Linking to previous and next articles.
  • Linking to the most recent articles.

We select blog post topics based on keyword analysis and current trends. We’re also members of a Facebook group for LEGO fans. Descriptions of the episodes of the new show, LEGO Masters, is another noteworthy idea.

So far we have published 24 blog posts.

To improve CTR, titles, and meta descriptions, the first blog posts included emojis. However, these are not always displayed, therefore, we’re constantly testing this solution.

SERP for ZKlockow blog

SEO Case Study - metadata

An exemplary thematic blog post that generated a lot of traffic was published to celebrate Black Friday and its CTR was truly substantial:

Blog - black friday results

Exemplary positions of phrases matching blog entries:

Z klocków - blog keyword phrases

Off-Site Process

As in most cases, alongside to the off-site process, we improve the domain power with external links from valuable and trusted websites.

Domain parameters before we started the cooperation:

SEO Case Study - ahrefs before cooperation

Domain parameters currently:

case study seo - link profile after cooperation

A graph of links and linking domains before we started the cooperation:

links and linking domains before cooperation

A graph of links and linking domains currently:

linking domains and link profile after cooperation


We were able to achieve such satisfactory results thanks to a meticulously planned, brave SEO strategy and smooth, intense cooperation with the client. Commendable the client’s engagement and immediate implementation of recommendations are factors that guarantee success.

  • Increased website visibility: the number of phrases in the TOP 50 increased from 4,700 to 16,700 (an increase of 255%):

increase in top50 phrases Case study seo

  • Organic traffic of 150,000 users, an 1117% increase since the start of the cooperation:

SEO Case study increase in organic traffic

  • The seasonality of the client’s industry illustrated in the Senuto chart:

Z klocków seasonablity SEO Case study

  • Monthly organic traffic increased by 70% during the most intense season (organic traffic in December 2020 compared to organic traffic in December 2019):

Case study SEO - organic traffic december 2019

SEO Specialist’s Comment is definitely one of my favorite case studies. Apart from the fact that the topic is pretty enjoyable and the results are satisfying – especially since the phrases are very competitive – the cooperation between the client and SEO specialists is truly a model. Some time ago I checked the number of hours we spend on the phone with the client, discussing website (and not only website) activities and it amounted to almost 30h. Now, I think we’re slowly approaching 40h. The communication system is noteworthy, consequently, all the website activities are the result of comparing the assumptions /views/strategies of both parties to the contract. This translates into observable results! Of course, all content-related, link building and trend searching activities also play a significant role here. I follow Facebook LEGO groups and our copywriter watches LEGO Masters every Saturday :). In the case of such cooperation, achieving predefined results is a pleasure and great fun 🙂

Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

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